1. Convento Inn is an Enchanting Place
    for the Curious Mind.
  2. Giving new life to a historical building,
    Convento Inn blends the feel of a museum with the
    intimate atmosphere of a private residence.
  3. The Style itself is an unconventional
    narrative set within the timeless structure of a convent from
    the 16th century, creating a space that is both charming and unusual
  4. A refuge offering Bespoke Vacations infused with the
    stimulating serenity that permeates the Portuguese countryside.
  5. It combines the past and the present
    in a blend of Architecture, Art and Spirit.
  6. An inspiring Sanctuary for families and friends to
    shape memories and share moments away from the everyday.
  7. A historical place where imagination can roam free
    without the restraints of convention.
  8. The simple serenity of the countryside,
    the endless possibilities for exploration.
  9. The convent has an ethereal quality, something that words cannot describe.
    It's a feeling inside. Unique to each and every person who stays here.
    Come and experience it for yourself ... be our guest.