Ricardo Neves-Neves

Theater Director - Writer

Ricardo has a degree in Theater-Actors by the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and is a Specialist in Theater Studies by the Faculdade de Letras, in Lisbon. Attends the Obrador d’Estíu-Dramaturgia (Barcelona), under orientation of Simon Stephens.

He's the artistic director of the Teatro do Eléctrico, where he writes and directs. Has directed plays by Lewis Carroll, Edward Albee, Karl Valentin, Copi, Ana Lázaro, Spiro Scimone, Martin Crimp, J. J. Rousseau, W. A.
Mozart and Charles Dickens. His plays have been directed by Mónica Garnel, Sandra Faleiro, Ana Lázaro, Paula Sousa and João André.

Has been published by the following editors: Cotovia/Artistas Unidos, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II/Bicho do Mato, Companhia das Ilhas and Teatro da Terra. His plays have been translated to english, french, catalan and chinese.

Author and co-director of Floating Island, with Cheng-Ting Chen and Yi-Ting Hung, a co-production with the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, France) and the Taipei Arts Festival (Taipei, Taiwan).

Has taught the Acting class at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and at the ACT - Escola de Actores.

Also has collaborations with the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, Artistas Unidos, Teatro da Terra, Primeiros Sintomas, Temporada Darcos, Força de Produção, Teatro da Trindade, Teatroesfera, Teatro Meridional, Centro de Estudos de Teatro, Casa Conveniente, Teatro dos Aloés, Comédias do Minho, Revista Gerador, Cassefaz, Teatro O Bando and Procur.Arte.




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