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Convento Inn and Artists Residency is an eclectic Concept giving new Life to a historial building, located in the heart of Portugal. It is a concept designed in recognition of a lifestyle of generosity and harmony with nature while engaging guests in an experiential context of imagination and expression.
Perched on a clearing overlooking the fertile lands of the Leziria and the Tagus River, the characterful building is quite unusual, crossing the invisible frontier between the real and mystical worlds. Built on the site of a Franciscan Convent, founded in 1519 by King Manuel I, and steeped in royal and templar history, it became private property upon the extinction of the religious orders in 1834.
The secret of this place is the aesthetic dialogue it establishes with its environment and history. The concept, combining hospitality with art and thought, is designed and conceptualised by locals but with an international calling. We offer a unique home to all those who want to engage the mind and explore themselves as they discover the essence of a new place.
Celebrating what makes each person unique, we take many of the elements that are intrinsic in our community, and make it accessible for our guests. Encouraging them to explore themselves, discover the local culture and natural beauty, on a eclectic voyage that stimulates the senses and intellect in a single destination, nurturing the internal space/time of contemplation.
We believe the stimulation of the mind and a lifestyle of generosity and harmony with nature, revitalizes the body and creates deeper perspective and understanding for kind human engagement.